Samsung Create a Bendable OLED Screen

samsung-flexible-amoledSamsung have created a new bendable OLED display. It measures 6.5 inches and is completely flexible. Samsung claim that the prototype screen is way more flexible then other AMOLED screens created.

The bendable display does not require low-temperatures to create an image unlike screens before. This has dropped production costs by a fair bit giving it potential to actually be mass produced. With the whole process being simplified it could mean we start seeing flexible screens sooner rather then later.

Uses for such a screen could include AMOLED papers, passports, military maps and larger screens on mobile phones that can be rolled up when needed. The response time on these screens is reportedly 1000 time quicker then an LCD screen.

No more details just yet, but we hope to get some more info soon.

Via: Oled-Info


  1. Gadget Sleuth says

    Very cool development, especially the part about lowered production costs. The only thing that may slow down OLED adoption is the price tag.

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