SKYlasers High Power Laser Pointer Review

SKYLasers recently contacted us and wanted us to test out one of their latest laser pointers. We have reviewed a couple of laser pointers before in the past and thought they were both cool… but it lead me on to think what would actually be different with this one other then the casing is white rather then black. Lets check out what it’s all about and see how the SKYLasers pointer is different from the rest.

laser-pointer-keyswitchSKYLasers are unique in a couple of ways. First off, the pointer we received has an adjustable beam that lowers the intensity right down to a comfortable level making it usable for presentations but yet, it has the power when and if needed to light up the sky. Previously the amount of light hitting the presentation screen was just too bright to look at. By adjusting the beam down with the provided key it actually gives the laser pointer a day to day function that’s useful. This alone makes the laser pen very unique and something I haven’t seen before from others in this niche.

Secondly, the laser pointer is supplied with an Infra Red Filter (IR Filter) built in right at the aperture. The IR filter reflects and blocks infrared wavelengths that damage the eyes. The filter still allows visible light to pass. Please note that although it cuts out the IR that the visible light is still harmful to the eye if viewed direct. You can read why the IR filter is a must over on the skylasers site. For this reason it is essential that you use the special goggles designed to filter out the remaining light and even more so, if using in doors.

SKYLasers Green Laser Pointer Capabilities

We received a high power laser pointer that has an output of 125mW which is capable of the following functions…

* Laser “spot” visible
* IR Filter Technology
* Laser beam visible w/ smoke or fog
* Laser Beam visible at night
* Laser Beam visible in lighted area
* Laser Range > 15 miles
* Make holes in black trash bags
* Daytime smoke detection
* Stings bare skin
* Laser Range > 50 miles
* Burn dark fabrics
* Pop dark colored balloons
* Ignite wooden or paper matches
* Cut black electrical tape
* Etch dark plastics and leathers
* Light fireworks
* Melt rubber and plastics

There are quite a few interesting claims here which I have tested. I can say that the beam is visible in lighted areas (not so much day light unless you really look close). It is most certainly visible at night and seems to just hit the stars. I can also confirm that it does melt rubber and plastics (I didn’t test skin burns). I was unable to verify the > 50 mile range although I can say it did certainly travel a LONG way and that wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

SKYLasers Technical Specs

* Wavelength 532 nm (Green)
* Dimensions 13mm x 171mm
* Transverse Mode TEM00
* Operating Mode CW
* Beam Diameter < 1.2 mm * Beam Divergence < 1.0 mRad * Switch Type Momentary switch * Duty Cycle 100 seconds on, 30 seconds off * Power Source 2 x AAA batteries (not included) * Operating Temperature 0C ~ 40C * Battery Lifetime 45 min * Expected Diode Lifetime >5000 hours
*Availability In stock (ships in 2-3 business days)
* Warranty 6 months

Overall an impressive laser pointer with the adjustable beam really making it 1 step ahead of the rest. I have to admit that I really do not understand the purpose of the pen on the high intensity setting other then when you shine it in the sky at night (not near flying objects or birds) that everyone who see’s it is impressed. It is useful to point out stars but beyond that I am struggling a bit to see a practical use for it. However, when the low intensity setting is selected by the key it makes it in to a laser pointer VERY handy for presentations. There is just something cool that would still make me want a high intensity laser though 😀

Details and pricing are available over on the SKYLasers website.

Please note that these or any other make and model of laser pens are not toys. You should never shine them towards people, in to windows, at moving objects etc… and always use the goggles 🙂

I was planning to capture some images this past weekend but didn’t get any decent ones. As soon as I manage to capture a decent image I’ll update the post.



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