Archives for February 2009

Samsung TL320 now with OLED Display

samsung-tl320The Samsung TL320 is a new point and shoot camera with a 12 megapixel sensor, OLED display and HD capabilities. [Read more…]

Nokia N95 runs Windows 3.1

n95-windows-3-1I spotted a few pictures today of an old familiar logo and operating system. The Windows 3.1 OS was running on a Nokia N95 though… how strange but cool at the same time. [Read more…]

HP Mini 1110NR 8.9-Inch Netbook Deal

hp-mini-1110nr-8-9-inch-netbookAmazon currently have a good price on the HP Mini 1110NR 8.9 Inch Netbook. The small netbook comes with free shipping at $279.99. [Read more…]

Gaping Hole Costume

gaping_hole_costumeThis ace looking costume was designed a couple of years back specifically for Halloween. The costume makes use of a camera mounted on a persons back with a TFT LCD screen on the front. [Read more…]

Kindle 2 Available at Amazon

amazon-kindle-2The Amazon Kindle 2 has now been launched and is available over at Amazon. This new eBook reader is a step up from the original Kindle which already was a fantastic device. More details after the jump. [Read more…]

Google Android on a Netbook?

asus-androidWhen you think of Google Android you probably first think of the new mobile phone OS that is starting to become popular. However, it no longer will be used just for mobile phones as Asus could be launching a netbook powered by Android. [Read more…]

External USB SATA Drive Dock

sata_dual_drive-dockThe external drive dock allows you to connect up your old harddrives to your computer temporarily. Once docked, the drive appears as a removable drive in Windows, Mac OS and Linux. [Read more…]

Canon VIXIA HF20 / HF200 to get Waterproof Case

canon-water-proof-caseCanon are launching a new waterproof camera case that will protect the VIXIA HF20 and HF200 models. [Read more…]

TouchPark MultiTouch Display – Amazing!

stantum-multitouch-interfaceThis touchscreen display from Stantums technology is fantastic. The system is a software update that refines how resistive touchscreens work and the results are just incredible. [Read more…]

Lighting Control Wall Station – Revio CLV

ilumin_switchThe Revio CLV is a premier lighting control wallstation that allows you to control lighting in up to 4 rooms each configured with 4 different scenes. [Read more…]

Electricity Generating Shock Absorbers

mit-shockThis shock absorber is capable of generating electricity when a car moves over bumps. It works by hydraulic fluid passing through a turbine. [Read more…]

HTC Touch Pro2

htc-touch-pro2I recently mentioned to someone that I would be keeping my Tytn II for a while longer even after it’s contract ends in a few weeks. However, when seeing the HTC Touch Pro2 this morning I think I might now be changing my mind. The HTC Touch Pro was a great phone, but the Touch Pro2 just ads a bit of class in the looks department. [Read more…]