TouchPark MultiTouch Display – Amazing!

stantum-multitouch-interfaceThis touchscreen display from Stantums technology is fantastic. The system is a software update that refines how resistive touchscreens work and the results are just incredible.

The refinements to the software allow for accuracy beyond what the screen actually can display. What this does is provides a highly accurate input and output from the screen. Along with a complete lack of jitters it makes for some incredible touchscreen interactivity that also works as multitouch.

The system is named TouchPark and allows mobile phone creators to add this software on to existing operating systems which include Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android. The firmware allows for an unlimited amount of inputs that can range from fingers to a stylus and it even picks up the bristles of a brush to make interesting patterns (video below).

There is no word on when this will be made available to mobile phone developers but looking at the demo you will see why we want it sooner then later.

Via: Engadget

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