Lighting Control Wall Station – Revio CLV

ilumin_switchThe Revio CLV is a premier lighting control wallstation that allows you to control lighting in up to 4 rooms each configured with 4 different scenes.

The fascia of the device is touch sensitive which allows you to select which room you want the lights switching on in and also a rotary control lets you switch lights on/off as well as changing the brightness. The front panel can be lifted open allowing you to slid in a different background to suit the decoration of your home which is a nice touch.

The Revio CLV connects up to iLumin’s control system which also lets you control curtains and anything else that you decide to wire in to it. If you are too lazy to stand up and touch the touch-panel then you can also use the remote control to use all of the features that are found in the panel.

Overall a very nice lighting control system (light switch?) 🙂

Product Page Via: DVice

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