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Mickey Multifunction WebCam with Sucker

mickey-mouse-webcamThis fun little gadget isn’t the most technologically advanced webcam we have ever seen, but it does add a little fun to your desktop. The Mickey Multifunction WebCam with Sucker is a 0.5 megapixel webcam that also works as a USB fan and a USB light as well as a USB hub. Oh, and a microphone is also thrown in too. [Read more…]

LG X120 Netbook Announced

lg-x120-netbookLG are creating some seriously good looking and user friendly stuff recently. More noted here at Gadget Venue for their TV‘s and Mobile Phones they now are launching a netbook named the LG X120. [Read more…]

HTC Magic Android Phone Hands-on

vodafone_htc_magic_officialAndroid community managed to get some hands-on time with the HTC Magic. The HTC Magic has the Qualcomm MSM7201a chipset that runs at 528MHz. [Read more…]

Terabit Per Second a Step Closer

tbpsScientists have been working on a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) that is capable of increasing internet speeds by a hefty 60 times. [Read more…]

Novatel MiFi 2352 – Mobile Internet Hotspot

novatel-mifi-2352-hotspotTelef┬│nica will be the first mobile carrier in Europe to launch the Novatel MiFi 2352 mobile hotspot. CrunchGear managed to run some testing on it over at MWC2009 today. [Read more…]

LG910 Touch Watch Phone on Orange

lg910-touch-watch-phoneOrange have announced that they will be the first operator in Europe who will offer the LG910 Touch Watch Phone. [Read more…]

LG Arena GUI Video

lg-arena-guiLG have uploaded a cool video to Youtube showing the new UI that will debut on the LG Arena. The LG Arena is LG’s flagship mobile phone for 2009 and one that looks absolutely incredible. [Read more…]

Windows Mobile 6.5 Announced

windows-mobile-65-menuThe latest version of Windows Mobile was finally unveiled today at MWC2009. I have been a long time user of Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PC’s as they were previously known as). Lets take a look to see if they have fixed the regular frustrations of a sluggish GUI and bad browsing ­čÖé [Read more…]

LG-GD900 – Worlds first Transparent Phone?

lg-gd900I just received a press release mentioning that LG are launching a transparent design phone that will be numbered the LG-GD900. The phone was first seen at MWC2009 and is a crystal like phone that is literally see-through. [Read more…]

Samsung OmniaHD Hands-On

samsung-omniahdSamsung were showing off their new OmniaHD at MWC2009. Engadget ES managed to get their hands on it to show the world what it’s all about. Just looking at the pictures show it’s a very sleek looking phone. [Read more…]

LG LU Series LCD TV’s Launching

lg-lu4000We just mentioned the LG LH2000-9500 range of LCD’s that are lined up for 2009. The LH series are larger models. These LU models are slightly smaller starting at around 19″ and also look great. Pictures and some specs after the jump. [Read more…]

LG Launching a Bunch of New LCD TV’s this Year

lg-lh9500LG have uploaded photos of 7 new LCD TV’s that will be launched in 2009. I managed to scrape information together on the basic specs of the LCD’s. The first series of TV’s mentioned here is the LH range numbering from the 2000 lower end series right up to the LH9500 which is an LED backlit TV running at 200Hz. The smaller range of LU LCD screens can be found here. Details after the jump. [Read more…]