Electricity Generating Shock Absorbers

mit-shockThis shock absorber is capable of generating electricity when a car moves over bumps. It works by hydraulic fluid passing through a turbine.

When the fluid passes through the turbine (when the shock reacts to bumps in the road) the turbine turns a small generator and more power is created. Suspension is a waste of energy on a vehicle and although this system wont change that fact, it might as well put that wasted energy to good use and create power. In turn, this power is then capable of supplying your car with the power it needs and this requires less usage from an alternator. By putting less strain on the engine it will run more efficiently and give you more miles per gallon. According to developers of the system it is capable of saving 10% of fuel consumption on a vehicle.

Via: Gadgets-Reviews


  1. dear sir,
    i’m dhinesh working as an mechanical engineer. the idea you have given is superb.i’m very much interested to know the internal arrangement of shock absorber.can u provide a picture with layout !!expecting your reply!!
    thanking u..

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