Archives for February 2009

Nikon D3 – Chopped in Half

inside-a-nikon-d3Nikon are one of the big players in the digital SLR market, so for some these images might hurt. At the Tokyo Eco Products convention that was held in December 2008 a Nikon D3 was cut in half and put on display. [Read more…]

Asus Eee PC 1000HE

The Asus Eee PC range of netbooks have opened up a completely new area in laptop computing. One of the latest to arrive is the Asus Eee PC 1000HE. The 1000HE comes with a 10 inch screen making it very usable, but at the same time very portable. [Read more…]

Asus Stealth Concept

asus-stealth-concept_mspThe Asus Stealth Concept is a computer which acts as both a tablet or a desktop PC. [Read more…]

3x3x1 Rubiks Floppy Cube

3_3_1_rubiks_cubeThe Rubiks Cube wasn’t too hard to solve as you just needed to open up the box, read the instructions and complete it. Take those instructions away then it became impossible for people like me. For this reason has the 3x3x1 Rubiks Cube (Oblong?) been created. [Read more…]

Starwars Kites

star-wars-kiteThese kites are rather good as they are shaped just like ships from Starwars. [Read more…]