Samsung TL320 now with OLED Display

samsung-tl320The Samsung TL320 is a new point and shoot camera with a 12 megapixel sensor, OLED display and HD capabilities.

samsung-tl320-screenThe Samsung TL320 is an excellent looking camera that benefits from better battery life, thanks to the OLED display and is capable of showing better images on it’s 3″ screen thanks to the impressive contrast ratio that OLED’s have. Many normal features can be found in this camera that most other cameras also have such as blink, face and smile detection.

The lens is capable of 5x optical zoom which isn’t the greatest but still ample for most picture taking situations. HD at 720p is also available on this device allowing it to capture higher quality video which is becoming essential with the HD TV becoming more popular.

Samsung TL320 Features

* Mega-Pixels: 12.2 mega-pixels
* Optical Zoom: 5x optical zoom / Schneider lens
* LCD Size: 3.0 hVGA AMOLED
* Lens: Schneider – KREUZNACH
* Movie Mode: 720P HD Resolution With HDMI Connectivity
* Size: 97mm x 60mm x 21.8mm
* 24mm Ultra-Wide-Angle Schneider Lens
* 5x Optical Zoom
* 3.0 hVGA AMOLED (460K dots)
* Dual Image Stabilization (Optical + Digital)
* Full Manual Mode (A/S/M) supported
* Advanced Picture Mode (manually adjust color tones)
* High-Definition 720p Video With HDMI Connectivity
* Smart Auto / Smart Album
* Face Detection / Smile Shot / Blink Detection / Beauty Shot / Self Portrait / Red-eye Fix
* Frame Guide
* Recycle Bin
* Dual Analog Gauges (Memory Capacity / Battery Life)

The camera will cost $379 when launched.

Product Page Via: Geeky-Gadgets and Gadgetell

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