HP Mini 1110NR 8.9-Inch Netbook Deal

hp-mini-1110nr-8-9-inch-netbookAmazon currently have a good price on the HP Mini 1110NR 8.9 Inch Netbook. The small netbook comes with free shipping at $279.99.

HP Mini 1110NR 8.9 Inch Netbook Details

The HP Mini 1110NR is just 1 inch thin and weighs 2.25lbs for the low spec version. An almost full sized keyboard is provided that is an impressive 92% of a full size keyboard making it easy to type. An 8.9″ HP BrightView display is used on the netbook and a built in webcam just above the screen can be found.

Although not the latest and greatest netbook to hit the market it’s still at a very good price. An Intel 1.6GHz Atom processor can be found inside along with 1GB of memory and an 8GB solid state drive flash module. Again, not the biggest amount of storage. If your intentions are to get a cheap netbook for simply using email and browsing on then this is one good option for you.

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