MIU HDPC Launching? Maybe not…

miuhdpcMIU introduced a HDPC (Hybrid Dual Personal Computer) back in October and since then has yet to launch it. The reason for this has now been found out… they are looking for about $500K to get the ball rolling.

The MIU HDPC is a fantastic looking machine with a lot of capability. It features a dual booting system that is powered by Atom. Due to lack of funds they have yet to get to the sample stage. The $500K or so that is needed would be used to get the first batch of 100 units made.

Two versions of the HDPC will be made with one priced at $900. This features GPS built in and a few other extra features. A cheaper entry level version would be made too which will cost around $500 and will have most of the basic stuff in there needed to go such as XP, phone features, Windows CE and Wi-fi.

If we find out more about the status of this device then we’ll let you know.

Via: SlashGear


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