Transformers Watch

transformers-watchIf your a fan of transformers then check out this watch. The transformers watch is built by Tomy and will be released soon.

The original transformers watch was released back in the 80’s and since then, it’s been rather quiet as the transformers died down a little. Tomy decided it was time to get selling them again and created a watch that features an LCD screen with 170 LED’s that can make simple graphics such as faces and autobot symbols.

It’s a great looking toy watch and 2 versions will be released. The first is a Cybertron Autoceptor version and also a Destron Time Limit watch. Both will display the same style of dotted graphics.

Shipping will start in August this year and the price tag is an unfortunately high $290.90.

Via: GeekAlerts


  1. CommodityTradingAccount says

    Pretty cool…i want one!

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