Net Firing Robot – Tmsuk T-34

tmsuk_t-34_net-firing_robotThe Tmsuk T-34 is a robotic net gun that only has the task of capturing criminals. It is a remote controlled car basically that has a net launcher built in.

tmsuk_t-34_net-firing_robotThe T-34 is controlled by a mobile phone that can receive a live video feedback (I assume over Bluetooth). To provide the user with more details over when to fire the Tmsuk T-34 also has microphones and body heat sensors providing all the details you need to aim and fire at the thief.

It travels at 10KPH and will be available to business in a couple of years time with a price tag of $9000. I do hope that some other company brings out a cheaper toy version as that could be quite a good laugh.

Via: SlashGear


  1. Chris - LG says

    You can’t help feeling that it would be easily confounded by simply approaching it at a slightly oblique angle. Still, I suppose it’s only a prototype, so I can look forward to being harpooned by a hoover at some point in my lifetime with any luck.

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