SoundBulb Wireless Speaker System

soundbulbEverybody hates wires… they are messy, get tangled and are a pest to hide in walls. So, someone has decided that wireless is the way to go. Wireless speaker systems are not new though, but this idea is. The idea here is to put the speaker in to the bulb effectively making it a Speaker Bulb.

SoundBulb is a wireless speaker that contains an LED light bulb that provides light. As well as shining light from the wall it also gives out sound making it very handy and a lot neater then chasing cables through a wall. The SoundBulb system (as designed in concept) will use Bluetooth technology to communicate with anything that can transmit a Bluetooth wireless audio signal… ie, mobile phones, laptops, computers and even some of the latest LCD TV’s. Volume is controlled by twisting the outer ring of the bulb and the wireless system can be switched off by a switch on the side. Power is provided by the lighting circuit in your home, so there is no need for a change of batteries either.

Although these SoundBulb’s probably wouldn’t be good for the hardcore sound type people as they would want to position them correctly… it would be ideal for many others who just want some sound without the hassle of ideas. Fantastic idea that I hope get put in to production.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

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