Fixing Scratched CD’s and DVD’s

cdlinerCD’s and DVD’s can be found in every home. Even if you use an iPod or other MP3/MP4 type device you probably still have a bunch of DVD’s laying around. One problem that you will often come across is that they get scratched and sometimes to the point of not working.

SaveOnline have created a case which contains non-scratch Ultrasuede Microfibre material that sits in the bottom of a case. A quick rotation of your CD in the case will remove dust particles and keep the CD or DVD more safe.

By placing a special non-scratch Ultrasuede microfiber material with dual cleaning bars inside the jewel case the CD will now rest on the ultimate soft protected surface. To clean the CD all you need to do is rotate the CD within the case. As the CD rotates over the soft surface and the cleaning bar it will remove dust and particulates. Each time you remove your CD it will be safe from scratches, clean and ready for use. This will significantly increase the life of your CD.

The cost of the Jewel case is $1.29 and can be purchased over at Save364.


  1. Screen Sleuth says

    Too overpriced to be very useful, and besides, with normal handling CDs and DVDs don’t get scratched very easily. This would have been a great seller 10 years ago, but now… eh.

  2. Fix Scratched DVD says

    Pretty simple concept really but there are a number of things you can do without purchasing anything specialized like this.

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