Samsungs Super Bright Outdoor Display

samsung_outdoor_displaySamsung have created a super bright outdoor LCD digital display. The screen measures 70 inches diagonal and is currently the brightest panel in the world to be mass produced.

The panel is rated at 2000nit while the next brightest is at 1500nit. This makes it one third brighter then it’s followers. Having such a brightness about it allows it to be used in the toughest of conditions outside in a whole range of lighting conditions.

The Samsung DID panel has the capability of being adjusted so that when conditions get darker outside then the brightness can be changed accordingly to make it more comfortable for viewers to watch. The screen achieves this by using local dimming technology which only dimms parts of the screen that need dimming at that time. Resolution on the screen is at full HD range which is 1080p and is capable of showing 16.7 million colours.

I wouldn’t recommend carrying this beast around though. It might be quite thin for it’s size at 129.6mm deep but it does weigh a hefty 80 kilos.

Via: Desinformado

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