Ooma Telo – Free US Calls to Ooma Users

oomateloOoma have launched their Telo dedicated phone which comes provided with an Ooma router. What it does is allow you to make unlimited local and long distance calls over the internet.

The phone is cordless and the system has the ability to connect to a PC and grab contacts remotely. Also the service is capable of passing on your home address details should you call the 911 emergency number. The Ooma also works on a conventional phone line too should you suffer with a power outage although from past experience of cordless phones, they do need power to keep the base running.

The Ooma Telo system costs $250 although Amazon currently have a discount on this.

Via: SlipperyBrick


  1. “What it does is allow you to make unlimited Ooma to Ooma calls over the internet.”
    Your statement is a little misleading.

    Ooma allows unlimited local and long distance calling to ANYONE in the US (and others) with OR without an ooma. All for free.


  2. Thanks for spotting the mistake Wayne. It will be corrected right away.

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