LG Swift on Alltel Wireless

lg-swiftThe LG Swift has been introduced today by Alltel Wireless and LG electronics. The phone is a flip phone which has a bunch of multimedia features built in. The LG Swift features 6 Fastap keys that can be found mixed in with the regular numeric keypad. Lets take a look to see if it’s any good.

lgswiftThe six Fastap keys are made slightly raised to make them easier to access. They provide one-touch access and work as Quick Keys to load up various applications.

‘The LG Swift is an innovative phone that helps our customers explore and enjoy Alltel’s most popular data features, said Brian Ullem, vice president of device strategy for Alltel Wireless. ‘The introduction of Fastap Press-to-Experience keys enables us to delivers information and entertainment to our customers faster than ever before.

The LG Swift has a dual speaker system that allows stereo sound to be played such as audio from an MP3 file. External music buttons can be found on the phone which allow quick access to playing and managing your music. Bluetooth is also built in and will work with bluetooth headphones.

A really old 1.3 megapixel camera is put in to the device for what reason, I do not know. 1.3 megapixels just doesn’t give the quality required these days.

The LG Swift is available in two colours (red or blue) and it costs $99.99 although a $50 mail-in rebate is also an option. The pricing is based on a two year contract.

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