Wireless Wipes keep your Phone Clean

wirelesswipesWireless Wipes are designed to keep your phone both visually clean and hygienically clean from bugs and various lurgies that creep on to them while being in your pocket or holding them in your hands.

A UK survey found that hand-held devices carry 10,000’s of bacteria which also can include the dreaded MRSA. A pack of these wipes (10 in a box) costs $2 and will keep your phone ultra clean so that you need not fear about getting sick again. Although to be honest, I can’t say I’ve ever caught a bug from a mobile phone :S

Product Page Via: GearLive


  1. It’s probably a bit of an overstatement to say MRSA is going to be a problem – but with any phone with a large touchscreen it can certainly get icky after a few phone calls – these are a good idea to carry!

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