Planet Protector RC Helicopter

planet-protector-rc-helicopterRC Helicopters are great fun to use, especially the indoor ones where you can be lazy and fly it around your living room. Silverlit, a popular maker of RC toys, have now created a twist to your average RC indoor helicopter. The latest in their line up of toys is named Planet Protector. Although you wont really be protecting the planet, you certainly will have fun playing with this one.

The story behind this RC helicopter is…

This futuristic helicopter features a brave pilot who is ‘defending the Earth against invaders by attacking their spy satellite station with his infra-red laser beam.

A satellite station is included in Planet Protector and the aim of the game is to fire a laser from the helicopter to knock the station out. After direct hits and strikes the satellite bursts open. Restarting the game just requires that you close the station back together and fly again.

The game looks like great fun to play. To see it in action check out the video below.

The price for the Planet Protector RC Helicopter will be £34.99 when it is back in stock.

Via: GeekAlerts

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