Sega Vision – Portable Games System

sega_visionSega are planning to launch a new handheld console in to the market. The console should be launched next year. It is named the Sega Vision and is more then just a games console as plans, if followed through, will see this device playing music, movies and allow users to watch the TV.

As well as the abilities listed above, the Vision will also be able to use a built in web cam and also display eBooks for reading. It has been a while since Sega had a big launch in the portable games market, so it will be interesting to see if they can bring back the popularity they had in the early 90’s.

The UK will get the Vision first (unluckily??). According to Wired it seems like the Vision is just going to be a souped up Tamagotchi rather then a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP beater. Oh well.

Via: Wired


  1. I am still looking forward to this thing. Does anyone have one yet? Have they shipped?

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