LED Light Bulb Network – The new Wi-Fi

led-light-bulb-networkWireless networks have become very popular around homes and some offices. These networks make moving computers around far easier as no cables need to be moved or installed. Boston University researchers have now come up with a new way of transferring data around and it takes the form of a standard LED light bulb.

The idea behind this is to use low powered LED lights and then switch them on and off rapidly. By doing this it keeps them still visible to the user (ie, keeps the room lit) but allows them to communicate with each other by flashing in different patterns over time. Researchers suggest that speeds of 1Mbps up to 10Mbps can be achieved by using this method.

By putting this system in to the ceiling of a room, it makes set up fairly straight forwards as you can safely assume that all offices have lights in. The network of lights is secure too as it requires line of sight to work rather then working over wi-fi which opens up the connectivity area to outside the building.

The even greater thing about this is the ability to tie all your gadgets together. If you have your phone that uses this system then it’s just a matter of being in a room and you are connected. If you want to shut off the network then you just flick the switch on the wall.

Will it take off though? or is Wi-fi too integrated now for something else to take over?

Via: TechChee

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