Nokia Touch-Based Communicator

nokia-touch-based-communicatorThe Nokia Communicator has always been a bit of a brick. The idea was great, but I felt it never looked quite the part. Recently, images of a new touched-based communicator have been floating around which appears it might actually be worth looking at.

Although it probably wont be a mainstream device, it could do fairly well considering it looks rather sleek with it’s touch screen interface. Not only is the front side of the phone touch screen, but it appears that when you open it up that everything inside is just one big foldable touch screen. I have to say it does look rather nice! No details other then what I have said though and as it’s a Nokia concept… it could well stay that way as they list a ton of concept designs that don’t always make it to production.

Via: Engadget


  1. nobrainerdeals says

    I had the older version of this phone, I liked it but the OS always a little janky. The concept design looks good but I hope that if it is ever made that the OS is more like the iPhone.

  2. william neton lee says

    been using a 770 for so long, love it,, want up grade in 2011 and i will pay to get the best,,,the web s what i use ,its a walking book store in my pocket. would like it with a bigger battery for longer on the go. just a little bigger screen and camera to see who iam talkin to ,,iam 68 years old can not see like i use to and i can not hear well, and there are a lot of us. maybe 1/4 inch thicker and but the buttons on the side, inserted , on the left.

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