Anna Konda Robot Fire Fighting Snake

firefighting-snakeThe snake you see here is named Anna Konda. It is a robotic snake that has the job of putting out fires. It measures 3 meters long and weighs a fairly hefty 75 kilos.

Water powers this snake which has 22 joints with 33 degrees of freedom. Moving of the joints is done by two hydraulic valves and cylinders which can be found at each of the 22 joints. This allows it to pretty much move in to most places with ease. Water pressure that it can force out is pushed at a hefty 1450 psi.

The snake robot is not completely free of cables though as it needs to have a constant water feed provided to propel it along as well as keep the water moving around its body so that it can safely move around in very high temperatures.

I like the idea that SINTEF in Norway have (the creators of the robot firefighting snake) as it potentially could make dangerous situations safer for fire-fighters by doing the hard work first.

Via: TechChee

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