Eee PC to get 3.75G Built-in

eee-pcAsus have made a nice change to their Eee PC 901 series of portable laptops by including 3G (named 3.75G by Asus). This is a smart move as it will bring ultimate portability and ultimate connectivity together in to one single unit.

These “netbooks” are all good and great… if you are in a wireless hotspot, but as many of you will be aware, wireless isn’t yet available everywhere in the UK and wireless certainly has problems when moving around between 2 networks. By including a 3G SIM card in the Asus it will allow connectivity from anywhere you can pick up a 3G signal (which if you are in the UK is almost everywhere you would want to travel). This makes using the internet while travelling on a train a fairly simple process.

The 3.75G equipped Eee PC will allow users to download data at up to 7.2Mbps. I would add here that if you are in the UK then speeds are probably going to be between 1.5Mbps and 3Mbps on average which is still respectable and good enough to download data at a good speed. Upload speeds will be up to the 2Mbps range (again, probably a lot lower but still acceptable).

Asus are launching the 3.75G equipped Eee PC 901 in October this year, so expect most phone companies to start offering this laptop for free when purchasing a plan with a contract. If you are in the UK then you will be surprised to know that companies do offer some very good bandwidth amounts for a good price… so make sure you shop around for the best network and value for money.

Via: Asus and Wired

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