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All Screen Laptop Concept – The Brick

foldable-notebookYves Behar has designed a mockup / concept design of what the “brick” project could look like. The concept shows a full all-screen laptop device which has been called “A hybrid iPhone-meets-Macbook-Air that would put hot netbooks like the EeePC to shame.” [Read more…]

Atari Hero

atari-heroThe picture you see here is what you get when you mix an Atari 2600 with Guitar Hero. This modded guitar was created by Conner over at Slippery Brick and is a fully working Atari 2600. [Read more…]

Drum Kit T-Shirt

drum-kit-t-shirtT-Shirts have a vast variety of things attached to the front of them these days from a wi-fi detector to a screen to draw on. The latest now adds a bit of noise to the equation. The drum kit t-shirt is a regular t-shirt with a touch sensitive drum machine attached to it. [Read more…]

Amazing Metal Rubber Band Gun

metal-rubber-band-gunI have seen a few rubber band guns before ranging from being made of wood to Lego. I have not seen one created in this much detail though. The latest is made of Metal and is designed and built by (what I believe) a Japanese PS3 Metal Gear Solid fan. [Read more…]

Sanyo Launches a New SatNav – NV-BD600DT

nv_bd600dtSanyo are launching a new SatNav named the NV-BD600DT. It features a large 5.8 inch screen and has 4GB of internal memory. [Read more…]

Z Pen – Digital Pen

z-penThe Z Pen is a fairly normal looking pen which can be used to write as normal. Once writing has been completed you can then download data from it and have the writing converted to text with OCR. [Read more…]

Eee PC to get 3.75G Built-in

eee-pcAsus have made a nice change to their Eee PC 901 series of portable laptops by including 3G (named 3.75G by Asus). This is a smart move as it will bring ultimate portability and ultimate connectivity together in to one single unit. [Read more…]

Google’s First Android Phone Coming Soon

google-android-t-mobile-g1The first Google Android powered mobile phone should be arriving soon. The first phone to be released is the HTC G1 which is also known as the Dream. T-Mobile have the honour of providing service for users of this phone. [Read more…]

Stainless Steel Wallet

stainless-steel-walletThis wallet claims to be the only Stainless Steel Wallet ever. From looking at it you might think it’s not actually stainless steel… but you would be wrong 🙂 It is made from 25000 stainless steel threads that each measure three times thinner then a piece of paper (0.001″). [Read more…]

Flying Rooster

flying-roosterThis crazy gadget is called the Flying Rooster and it literally is… just that. The Rooster is capable of being catapulted across an office up to 15 meters. [Read more…]

R2-D2 Whizzwatch

r2-d2-watchR2-D2 has been one of the most famous droids from the Starwars movies. We have seen R2-D2 projectors as well as many other R2-D2 items. The latest from firebox is a watch than can be used as a remote control to drive a mini R2-D2 around your desk. [Read more…]

Sony’s Lightest Laptop with Blu-Ray

sony_tt_laptopSony have created the VAIO TT series laptop which is now the lightest laptop with Blu-ray support. The laptop has an 11.1 inch LCD screen with back light and has 256GB SSD storage built in. [Read more…]