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Baby Seat with Side Airbags

Baby seats are designed to make the baby very safe if unfortunate circumstances happen such as a crash. Britax have taken these safety seats one step further by adding a couple of side impact airbags making your baby even safer. [Read more…]

T-Sketch T-Shirt

tsketch-tshirtYou will have seen a number of T-shirts over the last year or so which have animated features on the front such as a graphic equalizer or a clock. T-Sketch have now made a t-shirt which allows you to draw what ever you want on to it’s display. [Read more…]

An Inflatable Sofa

It’s not often that I write about furniture as Gadget Venue is a gadget blog (as you probably have noticed). However, when I saw that this sofa was inflatable I just had to mention it. [Read more…]

New LG Plasma Screens Launched

pg7000A couple of weeks ago I attended the launch of three new LCD TV’s which LG were bringing to the market. Last week it was time for some Plasma screens to be launched. Although we didn’t make it to London to attend the meetup we still have the details to share with you. [Read more…]

iPhone Modem Software

iphonemodemThe latest mobile phones running Windows Mobile have an option where you can use the phone as a USB Modem by simply loading up some software and hitting connect. This makes browsing the internet at high speed possible as long as you have a mobile phone signal. However, iPhone’s do not have this option built in. A new piece of software named iPhone Modem has been released which will allow you to use your iPhone as a modem for your laptop. [Read more…]

Samsung Rant Built for Texters

samsung-rantSamsung have created a new phone aimed at those who love to text. The Samsung Rant makes texting easier by providing a slide out QWERTY keyboard to allow texters to text quicker. [Read more…]

Dirt to power LEDs

dirt-electricityIt has been said that the way forwards is either being powered by the sun or powered by the wind. That might not be the case though with this new idea that has been put forward. The latest idea is to use dirt (house hold garden dirt) to create power from. The idea of being powered by dirt is not too new as it was mentioned a few months ago but it seems now that this idea will be put in to practice in places such as Africa. [Read more…]

LG Secret Review

lg-secretAbout a month ago I was sent an LG Secret to review. After a lot of playing around with numerous features I am now ready to let you know what I think. [Read more…]

Rim Clock puts time on the Outside

rim-clockThe Rim Clock is designed to look simple but yet, stand out in a unique way. The weird thing about this clock is that the “hands” are on the outside. The hand which is shaped like a point shows the minutes, while the rounded hand represents the hours. [Read more…]

Nokia Concept OLED Laptop

nokia-oled-laptopAnother concept device from Nokia shows us what laptops could really look like in a few years time. This new design is built like a scroll with a flexible OLED screen. With it being OLED it provides a very bright and colourful image for the user making it great for watching movies. [Read more…]

Hitch a Ride – Concept Idea

hitchI think I perhaps found one of the craziest concept ideas that I have ever come across. Hitch a ride is a concept device which involves a belt and three vacuum suction cups. What Hitch does is allows you to take a running jump, backwards, at a car, van or anything else that moves and firmly stick your self to it to “Hitch a Ride”. [Read more…]

DraganFlyer X6 Helicopter with GPS Wireless Video and More

dragonflyThe DraganFlyer is an RC helicopter that has pretty much everything built in. It is capable of flying both indoors and outdoors and can handle headwinds of 18MPH. [Read more…]