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Tikitag – RFID Tag

tikitag-rfidThe Tikitag is an RFID system where you can tag just about anything. The idea is that you tag various objects such as business cards and each tag can be programmed with a website address, application or your own contact details. Public beta testing is expected to start this month. It is expected that some will use it to store all their social media contact details on business cards so that when they pass it around there are a number of ways that can show up to contact that user. [Read more…]

iPod Dock – Phonofone II

ipod-dockThis iPod dock mixes today’s technology with really old technology. The iPod dock is named the Phonofone II which is a limited edition made in Black. Only 200 of these devices are being made. [Read more…]

iPhone Controls RC Car

iphone-rcThe iPhone has many uses and a number of people have created various programs for it including a remote control for your home. Now, two programmers from the Czech Republic have made software for the iPhone which can control your RC car. [Read more…]

LG KC910 Coming Soon

lg-kc910LG are getting ready for the launch of their latest mobile phone. It is named the LG KC910 and comes with an 8.0 megapixel camera. One claim of this mobile phone is that it will be the slimmest 8.0 megapixel handset on the market. The KC910 is the successor to the popular Viewty. Lets take a quick look at the technical specs. [Read more…]

10 Cool Office Desk Security Gadgets

usb-missile-launcherThe office desk has become a second home to most adults who work a 9-5 job. It can be infuriating knowing that someone has sat in your chair or moved your pens. For this reason we have created the 10 Cool Office Desk Security Gadgets list for your perusal. Having these gadgets on and around your desk will ensure a.) Nobody steps near your territory, b.) people will think twice before before stealing something and c.) You get to have lots of fun. Check out the list of gadgets below. [Read more…]

iPhone Extended Battery

iphone-extended-batteryA number of iPhone battery problems have been voiced across the web. If you are not happy with the battery time you get on your iPhone 3G handset then this extender could be an option for you. This extended battery has a 2400 mAh capacity but unfortunately, it will add an element of ugliness to your iPhone. [Read more…]

Modular Multi-Touch LCD Screen

multitouch-displaySince Apple launched the iPhone with it’s amazing multi-touch screen, the world has become more familiar with what multi touch actually does. A company named MultiTouch specialises in multi-touch displays and they have now created an LCD screen that is modular. [Read more…]

Samsung X360 Laptop

samsung-x360Samsung has created a very nice laptop which surprisingly is lighter then the MacBook Air. It weighs just 1.27Kg which is 0.09Kg lighter then the Air. It seems like they are jumping on to this thin and light train following Apple and HP with some potential success. [Read more…]

1100 Barrel Paintball Gun

1100_paintballsIf you ever wanted to paint pictures with a paintball gun then you probably realise that it would take a while painting 1 pixel at a time. Mythbusters decided to create for NVIDIA a paintball gun with 1100 barrels so that a full painting could be made in just 1 shot. The results… Mona Lisa was drawn in just 80 milliseconds. Check out the video after the jump. [Read more…]