All Screen Laptop Concept – The Brick

foldable-notebookYves Behar has designed a mockup / concept design of what the “brick” project could look like. The concept shows a full all-screen laptop device which has been called “A hybrid iPhone-meets-Macbook-Air that would put hot netbooks like the EeePC to shame.”

The laptop dispenses with the keyboard and provides an adaptive multitouch screen which depending on how it is layed out it would change to those circumstances.

When folded open it goes in to Laptop mode where a familiar keyboard is made available on the bottom portion while a regular screen is on the top portion. No tactile feedback is available, but corrective software makes errors far less frequent. Other modes include eBook, Desktop and tablet mode where the screens snap together to make one large multi touch surface.

Although it’s just a concept idea I sure do hope it does make it out in the next year. You may be asking why it got the name “brick”… that’s because it smashes windows 🙂 (It’s apple based BTW).

Via: Cult of Mac


  1. What a cool gadget. I like how it especially changes from laptop to ebook!

  2. While this could work for children it looks like the screen would be too small for much more than emails. Great concept though.

  3. Looks amazing. Will be interesting to see how it makes it to the marketplace.

  4. all screen laptop! cool!

  5. Beautiful design, but I think I’d saw off my left testicle before I ever used another Mac.

    Honestly, it just isn’t worth it.

  6. I hate to rain on the parade but that is the prototype of the next generation for the One Laptop Per Child. And even worse, it runs Linux

  7. @Canon. It doesn’t matter to me what it’s going to be used for. I think it still looks great!

  8. infoaddicts says

    I read about this some time ago, and if this came about I think it would out sell any other laptop (depending on price). This is a brilliant concept that one of the big manufactures (e.g. Dell) need to take on.

  9. Petr Buben says

    Great! I was thinking about this same concept. The question is, how come nobody is manufacturing and selling it yet?? Apple? Microsoft? Or it waits for quick asian company to wake up? ….. 1. On the keyboard, would a sound feedback help? 2. My another big question is, how in the heck nobody put yet cell voice on a laptop??! .. call my laptop, right ???? are we all limited. ?

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