Atari Hero

atari-heroThe picture you see here is what you get when you mix an Atari 2600 with Guitar Hero. This modded guitar was created by Conner over at Slippery Brick and is a fully working Atari 2600.

To get it working you simply put the cartridge in to the guitar and switch it on. It’s a fully working Atari 2600 and has a fire button on the neck of the guitar, a joystick above the screen and a breakout style controller below the screen. You actually do hold this console like a guitar to play the games.

The guitar also has a small LCD screen built in allowing you to play the games. The whole thing runs on 8 AA batteries making it completely portable. It certainly will turn a few heads if you start playing Pitfall on the London underground.

Via: SlipperyBrick

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