Stainless Steel Wallet

stainless-steel-walletThis wallet claims to be the only Stainless Steel Wallet ever. From looking at it you might think it’s not actually stainless steel… but you would be wrong 🙂 It is made from 25000 stainless steel threads that each measure three times thinner then a piece of paper (0.001″).

This mixture of 25000 ultra thin threads allow this wallet to be super strong but yet, as smooth as silk to touch. It will not stretch, stain and it does not have any sharp corners.

The stainless steel comes from the same metal screen found in the architecture, aerospace, and automotive industries, resulting in a thin profile that allows it to fit into a front pocket. Resistant to corrosive materials such as salts, acids, and seawater, the tightly woven steel also passively resists radio-frequency hacking–the latest identity theft technique that attempts to scan newer credit cards. The wallet has three credit card slots, two internal pockets, an ID window, and one large pocket for bills. 4 1/4″ L x 3 1/2″ W x 1/4″ D. (4 3/4 oz.)

I wonder if it’s bullet proof. Please do not try!

The Stainless Steel Wallet costs $79.99 and is available from ThinkGeek.


  1. Jeeze-I just want a square yard of the fabric.

  2. Don’t buy this unless you have fortified pockets, yes the wallet is soft and smooth, but the corners definitely aren’t. Also my husband has had his for a year and it is splitting at the seams and on the folds. So much for an indestructible wallet. Now I have to patch all his pant pockets and get him a new wallet.

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