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Bluetooth MP3 Watch

mp3-bluetooth-watchWireless technology is amazing as it allows the wires to be dropped so they do not get in the way. This MP3 watch is built by Goldlantern and features Bluetooth 2.0 technology along with the headphones. What this allows you to do is pair up the watch to the headphones and then your mobile phone to the headphones. Should a call arrive while your music is playing, you are alerted and can take the call over the headphones.
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Triton 79 – Limited Edition Cooler

asus-coolerThe Triton 79 Amazing is built by Asus and is a limited edition cooler for your CPU. Just 3200 of these will be built. The cooler is aimed at gaming enthusiasts and helps keep PC’s running at the lowest possible temperature. By lowering the operating temperature it allows for some major over clocking of the processor and in turn, that speeds up the PC making game play and graphics smoother. The Triton 79 supports Intel Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad-Core and AMD Athlon 64 processors.

The cooler is metallic looking, made from nickel plating with a copper base. 4 copper heat popes with aluminium fins help disperse the heat away from the processor and to top it off, there is a 12 cm fan to keep things cool. I have to admit that it does look like a great cooler for the gaming market and with only 3200 being made available, we can expect this one to sell quite quick among enthusiasts.

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Static Electricity Eliminator

static_electricity_eliminatorIf you have ever touched a car and received a static shock, you will understand how frustrating it is. When it happens nearly all the time you start being scared to shut the door with your hand and instead, kick it shut. The static discharge is due to electrons being built up in your body while moving around and once in there, they need discharging. Discharging through others, a door, or another electronic device usually happens. ThinkGeek are now offering a static electricity eliminator (SEE) which you carry on your keyring. If you believe you are charged then you whip the SEE out of your pocket, hold it against something that is earthed like a car, radiator, metal desk leg etc… and a little LCD display lets you know when you have been discharged. The cool feature about it is that no batteries are required as the static charge in your body gives it enough power to give you a status.

The SEE costs $9.99 and is available from here.

USB Powerstick Mobile Charger

USB_PowerstickFor the regular mobile gadget user, power is an essential part of your life. Every day the average gadget users carries around a mobile phone, possibly a pocket PC and even a portable gaming system. Power outlets on the wall are not always available and this is where a USB Powerstick can help. The powerstick has a 750mAh capacity and uses USB to charge it self up. Charging to 90% capacity takes just 90 minutes and the powerstick can then be used to charge your mobile devices. It uses a lithium polymer battery which was chosen for a few reasons. First, they are more compact then the more traditional lithium-ion battery’s and also, they are less volatile and less likely to go up in flames which is always a good thing considering it could spend a good deal of time in your pocket.

A small LCD meter is provided on the top of the powerstick which shows how much charge it is holding. This is handy in that you can get a quick glimpse of how your backup battery is doing. With the powerstick being USB it allows it to be charged not only via a laptop or PC, but by the growing number of places such as air plane seats and cars which are now making available USB connectors.

Once the powerstick is charged it’s self, you can then select the appropriate tip to connect it to your mobile device and let it charge away. The charger acts just like a wall charger in that you can still use your phone while charging it with a USB powerstick.

More details can be found over at where the powerstick is available with 9 tips for $69.95.

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Nano Windscreen – No Wipers Needed

nano_windscreenIt car windscreen (or windshield if you are in the US) has been created on a car named the Hidra. Four layers of treatment are used to create the windscreen which keep it clean and eliminates the need for wipers to be used. The first layer of the system filters the sun out and repels water. Just under this layer is the second treated area which is built of nano-dust. This dust pushes the dirt to the sides of the windscreen keeping the main viewing area clear of dirt and debris. The third layer in the system senses the dirt on the first layer and activates the nano-dust as and when needed in the second layer. Finally a forth layer is needed to provide the electricity to power the whole thing.

The nano windscreen is not in production yet, but has already been installed on the Hidra Concept car and is a fully working example of what we might be seeing in the next 5 years.

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Miniature RC Zamboni

The Zamboni has had millions of people mesmerised for years as it slowly cleans the ice at a hockey match. For some reason it’s just addictive to watch it go around the ice rink and hit every square inch of ice making it smooth.

If you ever wanted to be a Zamboni driver, you now can do this courtesy of the RC Zamboni. It’s a small remote controlled device which you can drive around your desk or floor. Unfortunately it looks like it doesn’t actually smooth ice over which is a shame, but not a surprise. However, it still looks like one which will still amaze your best friends.

The RC Zamboni costs $24.99 over at jenskates.

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Hydrogen RC Car – Fits Regular Tamiya Chassis

I have see a few cool Hydrogen powered gadgets around over the last year or so. This latest one appears to be the latest and greatest one though. It costs $1500 which isn’t cheap, but the kit does fit in to a Tamiya TT-01 type chassis. The fuel cell is named the FCJJ-21 and has a 30W air-cooled PEM fuel cell. Fuel is stored in 3 10L metal hydride canisters.

You may wonder why you would want to fork out $1500 for a power source like this. Well, this fuel cell can power your RC car at good speed for over an hour. The most you normally get from an RC charge is up to 15 minutes when using Nimh batteries.

I cannot wait for this to drop in price as it would be great to play with RC cars for more then 15 minutes.

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HP 2133 UMPC – Very Nice

hp-2133-LaptopHP are launching a seriously nice looking UMPC named the 2133. The screen is just 8.9 inches which is ample for a UMPC and it is scratch resistant. The resolution it runs at is 1366 x 766 (WXGA). An ExpressCard/54 slot can be found in there along with Wireless LAN, a QWERTY keyboard that is not much smaller then normal and a web cam can also be found integrated too.

Two operating systems will be available when it launches which gives you the choice between Vista or Linux. On the storage side, it appears that there will be an SSD option which will make the UMPC weigh in at 2.5 LBS. The case looks to also look nice too being anodized aluminium.

I wonder how this will do against the MacBook Air and EeePC. Looking at rumours of prices, it looks like it could sell for less then $700. If that’s the case this will be on my wanted list.

Via: GearCrave

Cheesy Door Wedge

cheese_door_wedge How about a nice triangle of Swiss cheese to use as a door wedge? This cheesy door wedge is just that, although it is just made of plastic rather then cheese. The wedge is flexible and can squeeze under any door to keep it open when needed. I have to admit that there isn’t anything gadgety about a cheesy door wedge, but I thought it looked cool so thought I would share 😉

The cheesy door wedge will set you back jut £3.95 in the UK over at IWOOT.

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How the iPhone Touch Screen works

iPhone_Touch_ScreenThe iPhone screen transformed the way we interact with our mobile phones. The multi touch interface and very quick screen response made the iPhone a very usable device. HowStuffWorks have created an interesting article which breaks down the iPhone multi touch screen and shows in detail how it all works.

When touching an iPhone screen it can sense exactly where and what needs to be done. Due to the screen being multi touch it also allows for even more interactivity such as zooming in to photos by placing a thumb and finger on to the screen.

Some touch screens use light, and when an object it placed in the way it detects where the object was placed. Another version of this uses a capacitive touch screen which detects where contact is made by the way of an electrical charge which changes and sends the signal back to the CPU. However, the iPhone is different as it can detect 2 fingers on the screen at the same time. I recommend reading the full article over at HSW as it goes in to very good detail on how the whole screen and touch system works and makes a very interesting read.

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Cool Cufflinks

Cuff links often come in different shapes and sizes from basic metallic squares, to spirit levels and now over to Lego bricks and Storm troopers. The Lego versions are 2×2 Bricks which come in a variety of colours.

The pins are silver plated making your shirt cuff’s look different to the average guy next to you. The Lego cuff links are available from Etsy and cost just $14.99.


The Storm trooper versions feature a storm trooper helmet attached to gold-plated pins. These should definitely be used by those of the dark side although don’t worry if you are not in that category as no one will stop you buying them 😉 The Storm trooper cuff links are also available over at Etsy and cost $19.99.

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Magic Brain Calculator built a long long time ago

Calc-ChadwickThe Magic Brain Calculator was a device used many years ago (mabye 1950’s) to solve maths problems. It requires you reset it to all zero’s to begin with and after a bit of practise you can solve many types of mathematical calculations. Clearing the device is just a matter of pulling the metal bar at the top of the machine and pushing it back in. Calculations of up to 8 digits can be performed such as addition, subtraction and multiplication. There are no details on if this device can divide although I am sure the brainy ones among you could work that out. The system works by using the stylus to drag the columns of numbers either up or down depending on the calculation you are performing. By doing this, and in the right order the numbers at the top will eventually give you the answer you need.

I am unable to find if the Magic Brain Calculator is still available although with a bit of hunting I bet you could track one down. It was built in Japan almost 60 years ago so good luck!

Via: Computer Museum