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Solar Power Ferris Wheel

Solar Motion Ferris Wheel
This little old looking Ferris Wheel uses solar energy to keep it moving. The small solar panel around the back of the wheel can provide enough power to keep the wheel slowly turning making it in to a modern antique. The Ferris wheel features authentic amusement park motion by having each seat staying level as it turns.

The Solar Power Ferris Wheel costs $39.95 and is available from Scientifics.

PenandMouse – LED Light, Mouse and Note Taker

penandmouseThe PenandMouse comes from Korea and was created by ISV. Supplied with the pen is a 2.4GHz wireless dongle and a mouse pad which allows it to communicate with your PC for up to 10 hours of non stop use with 10 days of standby. The pen has a number of functions which allow it to act as a 3 button mouse (with scroll wheel), a standalone memo taker which will store in it’s memory the things you write which can then be transferred to your PC at a later date. The pen is fairly small in size and not much bigger then an average pen which makes it useful to travel with when using your laptop.The LED lamp built in allows the mouse pen to be used in dark places while keeping your work illuminated. Another handy feature is the presentation pointer that is built in. All around it appears to be a very handy little device and it will be interesting to see how easy the switch back to a pen shaped mouse is.


Product Page Via: RedFerret

Solar Powered Razor

For those of you who must keep your face clean shaved each and every day, but seem to find it grows back too quick then this solar powered razor comes to the rescue. It is powered by sunlight and is a very slim razor that will fit in to any travel bag allowing you to quickly shave regardless of the power situation around you. There are no details on if this shaver needs charging by the sun before use, or if you just need to be in sunlight while shaving.

It measures 10 x 5.5 x 1.5 cm and costs £35 in the UK. It comes with a brush to clean the heads also.

Product Page Via: OhGizmo

Microfibre Clothing that Powers your Phone

microfiber_powerWhen taking your jumper off at night in the dark, it’s common to see sparks of static electricity that is generated. There is another way to generate small parts of electricity though by using a similar principle. Scientists at Georgia Institute of Technology have created microscopic wires that generate current when moving. The microscopic wires are bundled together and when movement occurs a tiny charge of electricity is created. A mixture of a lot of these can potentially create enough charge to power a device connected. The fibres are covered with zinc oxide nanowires which are extremely thin. Wires are split in to pairs where one of the wires is then plated in gold which then makes it act as the electrode. As movement occurs, energy is created.

How much power can be created?

Scientists suggest that 80 milliwatts per square meter of fabric can be achieved although they hit a problem when exposed to water. Plans to get around this problem include coating the gold plated electrodes to make them water proof.


This idea is excellent although from my personal opinion, I would be worried about walking around in the wet. Could 80 milliwatts hurt? Probably not although it would create a weird tingling sensation every time it rains.

Via: Technabob

Self Shaking Salt and Pepper Shakers

self shaking shakersA unique set of gadgets I came across today are the self shaking salt and pepper shakers. Two things are required to make these things work. First, you pull the cord and second you hold the shaker. When the cord pulls back in to the shaker it automatically shakes the shaker spewing out salt or pepper over your meal. What I don’t understand is the need for something like this. Surely the process of pulling the cord on the shaker is actually more hassle then just holding the shaker and shaking it your self?

The self shaking salt and pepper shaker set costs $9.95 and is available from calliopeboutique.

Via: Devicepedia

Stop RSI with a mouse and built in Wrist Pad

RSI (Repetitive strain injury) can be a common problem for those using a computer. The awkward angles your wrist rests on the table seems to be the main cause. USB Fever are now selling a double mouse combo which features a mouse with an attached wrist rest. The rest is filled with silica gel to make your wrist more comfortable.



– Silica Gel Filled for resting your wrist
– Ergonomic, streamline shape
– Precise, using optical technology
– Plug and play
– PS/2 and USB

Package Contents:

– Wrist Pad Mouse x 1
– PS/2 to USB Adaptor x 1

The Wrist Pad mouse costs $19.99 at USB Fever.

Via: GeekAlerts

AAA Battery slot added to Philips Phone

The Philips Xenium [email protected] is their latest phone which has a unique twist. The device can be powered by 2 different types of battery allowing you to carry a quick backup around with you should the occasion arise. The ordinary lithium ion battery can be found in the phone, but along side a AAA battery slot. Should the lithium ion battery die and you have no where to plug the phone in to charge it you can then pop in a AAA battery which are available everywhere and have up to 3 hours of talk time per battery.

I am not convinced that the extra bulk it ads to the phone is worth it although some people may find this feature handy.

Via: SlipperyBrick

Pedalite Pedals

Using your bike on a busy road at night can be lethal if you are not brightly lit up. Drivers just do not always notice a cyclist and that can be fatal. The Pedalite Pedals aim to increase your bike’s visibility by lighting up the edge of your pedals. A nice feature about the Pedalite pedals is that they use kinetic energy to light up the bright LED’s which can stay lit for up to 5 minutes after you stop pedalling. When you pedal away the energy created is sufficient to keep them lit meaning no batteries are needed, ever. Three of these LED’s are built in to the pedal with one at the back, one on the front and one on the outer side.



* A set of two 360° visibility bicycle pedals.
* Orange, red and white lights flash from the front back and sides of the pedals.
* The lights are battery-free, powered only by kinetic energy as you cycle.
* The Pedalites store a small charge as you cycle so the lights continue to flash for up to 5 minutes when you have stopped pedalling.
* The lights are visible from 1km away.
* The Pedalites themselves are durable and non-slip.
* Each Pedalite has 2 rows of supergrip studs for safe pedalling.
* The Pedalites screw-in in replacement of your bike’s existing pedals.
* Requires a spanner and screwdriver for application (not included).
* Suitable for ages 8 years+ (an adult must attach the Pedalites to the bike).
* Size: 12 x 9.5 x 3cm (per pedal).

The Pedalite Pedals cost £34.99 and are a must for those wanting to avoid a potential accident at night.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

Is Apple building a handheld Game System?

I wasn’t expecting to hear of a patent by Apple with them jumping in to the hand-held gaming arena. The recent application speaks of toys, games and playthings and refers to hand-held units for playing electronic games. This patent interestingly enough follows on from a multi-touch gaming interface also which got many people’s attention.

Apple are doing well with their product launches and maybe this multi touch gaming device could become a PSP beater. No doubt this will spark rumours all over the web followed with artists impressions of what this “iGame” device could look like.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

HTC P3470 looks Swish!

HTC have introduced their latest smartphone which is heading to the European market. It is the P3470 and measures 108 x 58.3 x 15.7mm. The screen is 2.8 inches and touch screen and the device, as to be expected, runs the Windows Mobile OS.


* Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR
* Quadband GSM/EDGE/GPRS networks
* 2 Megapixel Camera
* 200MHz TI OMAP 850 Processor
* QVGA Screen (Touchscreen)
* 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM, microSD card slot for memory expansion
* USB 2.0 connectivity (more then likely used to charge also)

On the downside there is no 3G or wireless networking which is a shame. Both of those really do need to be standard for this type of device. If you can get over that then HTC have created a great looking device with a nice amount of features.

Via: lifeatmost

Blackboard Wall Clock

Look back a few years to your school days and you will remember the good old blackboard (or chalkboard as it should be called these days). This new wall clock is built with a blackboard face which you can chalk on to. There is a small holder along the bottom of the clock which will hold the chalk, but you will need to get your own eraser for it.

The blackboard wall clock costs $80 and is available from Eco-Artware.

Via: Likecool

Analogue GPS made of Lego

Lego Analogue GPS
The Lego contraption was built as an analogue GPS unit. It has a 1.6m roll inside which includes images. If it’s dark then LED lighting will switch on to give you a better picture and there is a plastic cover over the top so rain doesn’t damage the images. On the downside, it’s just a single route from someone’s home to school in case he gets lost. Still quite unique though and I must admit, quite creative.

Analogue GPS

Via: Flickr