Static Electricity Eliminator

static_electricity_eliminatorIf you have ever touched a car and received a static shock, you will understand how frustrating it is. When it happens nearly all the time you start being scared to shut the door with your hand and instead, kick it shut. The static discharge is due to electrons being built up in your body while moving around and once in there, they need discharging. Discharging through others, a door, or another electronic device usually happens. ThinkGeek are now offering a static electricity eliminator (SEE) which you carry on your keyring. If you believe you are charged then you whip the SEE out of your pocket, hold it against something that is earthed like a car, radiator, metal desk leg etc… and a little LCD display lets you know when you have been discharged. The cool feature about it is that no batteries are required as the static charge in your body gives it enough power to give you a status.

The SEE costs $9.99 and is available from here.

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