Nano Windscreen – No Wipers Needed

nano_windscreenIt car windscreen (or windshield if you are in the US) has been created on a car named the Hidra. Four layers of treatment are used to create the windscreen which keep it clean and eliminates the need for wipers to be used. The first layer of the system filters the sun out and repels water. Just under this layer is the second treated area which is built of nano-dust. This dust pushes the dirt to the sides of the windscreen keeping the main viewing area clear of dirt and debris. The third layer in the system senses the dirt on the first layer and activates the nano-dust as and when needed in the second layer. Finally a forth layer is needed to provide the electricity to power the whole thing.

The nano windscreen is not in production yet, but has already been installed on the Hidra Concept car and is a fully working example of what we might be seeing in the next 5 years.

Via: Crunch Gear


  1. What a fantastic idea, I cannot wait for this technology to catch on with all car manufactures, no more wipers, yipeee.

  2. Ohoho! Chilling idea it is. I wish if I could see the Hidra Concept car to watch it in action. Can you tell me if it is possible?

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