Triton 79 – Limited Edition Cooler

asus-coolerThe Triton 79 Amazing is built by Asus and is a limited edition cooler for your CPU. Just 3200 of these will be built. The cooler is aimed at gaming enthusiasts and helps keep PC’s running at the lowest possible temperature. By lowering the operating temperature it allows for some major over clocking of the processor and in turn, that speeds up the PC making game play and graphics smoother. The Triton 79 supports Intel Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad-Core and AMD Athlon 64 processors.

The cooler is metallic looking, made from nickel plating with a copper base. 4 copper heat popes with aluminium fins help disperse the heat away from the processor and to top it off, there is a 12 cm fan to keep things cool. I have to admit that it does look like a great cooler for the gaming market and with only 3200 being made available, we can expect this one to sell quite quick among enthusiasts.

Via: GizmoWatch


  1. haha i got one of those

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