USB Powerstick Mobile Charger

USB_PowerstickFor the regular mobile gadget user, power is an essential part of your life. Every day the average gadget users carries around a mobile phone, possibly a pocket PC and even a portable gaming system. Power outlets on the wall are not always available and this is where a USB Powerstick can help. The powerstick has a 750mAh capacity and uses USB to charge it self up. Charging to 90% capacity takes just 90 minutes and the powerstick can then be used to charge your mobile devices. It uses a lithium polymer battery which was chosen for a few reasons. First, they are more compact then the more traditional lithium-ion battery’s and also, they are less volatile and less likely to go up in flames which is always a good thing considering it could spend a good deal of time in your pocket.

A small LCD meter is provided on the top of the powerstick which shows how much charge it is holding. This is handy in that you can get a quick glimpse of how your backup battery is doing. With the powerstick being USB it allows it to be charged not only via a laptop or PC, but by the growing number of places such as air plane seats and cars which are now making available USB connectors.

Once the powerstick is charged it’s self, you can then select the appropriate tip to connect it to your mobile device and let it charge away. The charger acts just like a wall charger in that you can still use your phone while charging it with a USB powerstick.

More details can be found over at where the powerstick is available with 9 tips for $69.95.

Via: GeekAlerts

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