Magic Brain Calculator built a long long time ago

Calc-ChadwickThe Magic Brain Calculator was a device used many years ago (mabye 1950’s) to solve maths problems. It requires you reset it to all zero’s to begin with and after a bit of practise you can solve many types of mathematical calculations. Clearing the device is just a matter of pulling the metal bar at the top of the machine and pushing it back in. Calculations of up to 8 digits can be performed such as addition, subtraction and multiplication. There are no details on if this device can divide although I am sure the brainy ones among you could work that out. The system works by using the stylus to drag the columns of numbers either up or down depending on the calculation you are performing. By doing this, and in the right order the numbers at the top will eventually give you the answer you need.

I am unable to find if the Magic Brain Calculator is still available although with a bit of hunting I bet you could track one down. It was built in Japan almost 60 years ago so good luck!

Via: Computer Museum


  1. Dave Doolin says

    Is this like a simple Curta calculator?

  2. Christopher says

    I have one for aution on ebay!! Check it out.. 9-8-09

  3. nice i wish i could use it

  4. Nunyo Bidness says

    I bought my first one of these at a drug store in the early 1970s, before I was 10. I credit it with my brain really grokking number theory and how things fit together.

    Just as multiplication is handled as successive additions at different orders of magnitude, division can be approximated as successive subtractions. But you’re not going to get more than an integer quotient and a remainder unless you really work at it.

    I picked one up, new in packaging, on eBay less than 10 years ago for less than $10.

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