Miniature RC Zamboni

The Zamboni has had millions of people mesmerised for years as it slowly cleans the ice at a hockey match. For some reason it’s just addictive to watch it go around the ice rink and hit every square inch of ice making it smooth.

If you ever wanted to be a Zamboni driver, you now can do this courtesy of the RC Zamboni. It’s a small remote controlled device which you can drive around your desk or floor. Unfortunately it looks like it doesn’t actually smooth ice over which is a shame, but not a surprise. However, it still looks like one which will still amaze your best friends.

The RC Zamboni costs $24.99 over at jenskates.

Via: NerdApproved


  1. says

    I wonder if this thing moves just as slow as a real zamboni. Would probably be kinda neat to clean crumbs off your dinner table though.

  2. That would be cool taking crumbs off your table. The main question is, would you move it back and forwards like a real vacuum cleaner, or work your way around in a spiral like the real thing?

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