Google Chrome OS Launching in Autumn

Google [GOOG] said today that it is planning on launching Google Chrome OS this year in the autumn. Chrome OS will be free to use.

“We are working on bringing the device later this fall,” said Google vice president of product management Sundar Pichai at CompuTex Taipei, Asia’s biggest IT trade show.

It is expected that millions of people will download the new operating system when it launches. The OS it’s self is based around the Chrome browser and is designed to function with web based applications such as Google Docs, GMail and other applications. All data is stored in the cloud allowing you to open up your computer session from any computer or tablet that runs the OS.

It is unclear at the moment if Google Chrome OS will pose any threat to Microsoft [MSFT] and the Windows operating system. Although both allow you to get online, the main difference is that with an MS, Linux or Mac OS X operating system you can install programs locally and have more power at your fingertips. On the other hand, Chrome OS aims to bring to people the services that they need with the top of the list being internet access. A lot of time used up on computers is for browsing the web and sending emails. Chrome OS appears to be muscling in on this side of things.

Via: Yahoo


  1. This is going to be crazy! In a world that primarily supports a one-or-the-other bipartisan system, it’s like there might be a legitimate contender to step in and sway some votes. If only American politics could be like this… but who would be our Google Chrome?

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