Intel Canoe Lake Ultra Thin Netbook Designs on Show

On Monday, Intel announced it’s next generation Intel Atom processor. The new processor is called Intel Canoe Lake and due to cooling methods used within, it allows for ultra thin netbooks to be created.

It is important to note here that the netbooks on show are just design references to show end users what is potentially possible. When companies do launch netbooks with the new processors inside you can expect to see 14 – 15mm thin netbooks running an Intel Canoe Lake processor along with a 10.1 inch screen and a 1280 x 1080 display and Windows 7.

The designs do look good and are actually half a CM thinner than the already thin MacBook air. SSD’s are not used on these demo models and it is expected that hard drives will be used instead on the final models. Perhaps the ultra thin 7mm 2.5 inch drive we saw yesterday is an option although a 1.8 inch of the same thickness would be welcomed.

The video below shows an ultra-thin netbook being demonstrated and we have to say it does look rather nice.

Via: SlashGear and NetbookNews

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