Intel Canoe Lake can Halve Netbook Thickness

Intel is working on a new generation of Atom chips, this time called Canoe Lake. The new CPU’s aim to halve the thickness of netbooks with possibilities of just half an inch being achievable.

The downside of the new Intel Canoe Lake is that there won’t be much more power than the current Intel Atom’s used although the slimmer design makes netbooks slightly thicker than an iPhone possible.

The new CPU platform uses thermal cooling rather than fans and this is what allows the netbook to be slimmer. What the thermal cooling also achieves is a netbook that also runs cooler than what we see today.

The image above is just a reference design by the way, it isn’t a model that will be used and only exists to show what form factors are possible with the new Canoe Lake chipset.

New features include 720p playback being improved on previous models. For those who want 1080p, it wont be possible without using a chip from Broadcom for example.

It isn’t clear when we’ll see the new Intel Canoe Lake processors, but hopefully within the next 6 months although I think it might be closer to 12.

Via: Gizmodo

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