Google Chrome OS Netbook to Launch in the Fall

We heard yesterday that Google [GOOG] was planning on launching Chrome OS this fall. When launched the OS will be made available as a download.

We also learn today that the first Chrome OS netbook will also be available also in the fall. News is VERY sketchy at the moment though. The information doesn’t come as a big surprise though as we already know Google has detailed the requirements for a Chrome OS netbook. The big question is who will be the first. Digitimes believes Acer will be first to launch a Google Chrome OS netbook in the fall. We had heard rumours just a few weeks back that Acer would be showing off the first Chrome OS netbook at Computex this week, but Acer responded saying it was incorrect information.

Other companies believed to be working on Chrome OS netbooks includes Samsung, Dell and ASUS to name a few. We should hear more “official” information over the coming months in preparation for the official launch day.

Via: CrunchGear

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