Windows XP on New Netbooks Wont Happen after October 22

Microsoft [MSFT] has sent out reminders to OEM’s around the globe that as of October 22 this year, Windows XP will no longer be available to install on Netbooks.

OEM’s after that date will need to start using operating systems from the Windows 7 line starting with Windows 7 Starter that has been designed specifically for devices like netbooks.

Windows XP has been out a long time now. The Microsoft OS launched in August 2001 and has been very popular among laptops and computers for a number of years. Microsoft is ending support for it soon though with XP service pack 2 support ending next month. However, XP SP3 support will go on till April 2014 at which point you should have upgraded by then anyway.

In the US it seems from looking at statistics that 81% of new netbooks sales now come supplied with Windows 7 rather than XP, so the dropping of XP might not cause too much upset anyway.

Via: SlashGear

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