LG X140 Netbook with Intel Atom N470 Clears FCC

LG have passed another netbook to the FCC recently. The latest gaining approval is the LG X140 that features an Intel Atom N470 processor that runs at 1.83GHz.

Other features included in the X140 netbook include wireless connectivity at 801.11b/g/n speeds along with Bluetooth. The LG netbook will run Windows 7 Starter Edition when launched and will have a few names depending on spec and location which are the LGX14, LGX14A, XB140 and the XD140.

The screen on the X140 netbook measures 10.1 inches and is said to have a HD resolution we believe 1366 x 780.

With it clearing the FCC it is believed that LG will launch the netbook soon, although no official announcement has been made just yet confirming if this is the case or not.

We also have heard that the LG netbook will contain a 3G modem to allow for internet connectivity while on the move. However, the FCC documentation doesn’t make mention of a modem today. This might indicate that it’s a separate optional device that will run through it’s own FCC scrutiny rather than being part of the netbook check.

When we get pricing and dates of the launch we will certainly announce it here on gadgetvenue, but for now we are stuck with the back of the device with a sticker on it. Enjoy… as much as that lets you.

Via: WirelessGoodness

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