TapeWriter Copies your Cassettes to your PC

USB Gadgets come in all shapes and sizes with the latest being the TapeWriter which allows you to copy your entire cassette collection and convert all songs to MP3 format.

The USB interface is plug and play and uses the audio interface which simply means you plug it in and it works. Software is included named Audacity and works on both the PC and Mac’s.

TapeWriter Product Specifications:

* Record your cassette tape collection directly to PC with the Tapewriter
* Fully functional cassette deck with counter function and built-in 2.5 inch speaker
* Plug and play USB audio interface no drivers required. Audacity software for PC and Mac included to edit recordings
* The volume adjustable speaker allows you to listen to your cassettes or simply monitor the music as you download it
* After you download your music to your PC or Mac you can listen to your songs via any media player (including iTunes or Windows media player), upload them to your iPod or even burn your music to a CD
* PLEASE NOTE: does not convert to MP3 – You can convert the recorded audio files to MP3 or WAV files using the included Audacity¢ sound editing software
* It even includes RCA stereo connections and cable if you desire to listen to your cassettes through your home stereo system
* USB connection, RCA In record R-L jacks, RCA Out play R-L jacks
* Includes 9V DC Power Adaptor, 9V DC Power Adaptor, AC Adaptor, USB Cable, RCA Cord
* Converts your old cassettes and mix tapes to today’s format
* Software to clean up worn cassettes and improve sound quality
* Hear the great old music you haven’t heard since your last car with a cassette player
* Full functional cassette deck with counter function
* Built-in speaker to monitor your recording
* Plug and Play USB audio interface”no drivers needed

Available from FirstStreetOnline costing $119.95.



  1. Denise Bell says

    I live in South Africa, and would like to know where can I get one of these TapeWriter gadgets? I have many tapes and would like to put them onto my pc. Can you help please.

    Thank you

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