Clocky Robotic Alarm

Clocky Robotic Alarm
I came across this cool alarm clock today from ThinkGeek which adds a different level on to the average alarm clock that you use. The Clocky Robotic alarm is a small alarm clock with 2 wheels on it. It started as an engineering student project and has now been produced. The wheels on the alarm clock propel it off your table and on to the floor. To switch it off you need to catch up with it. The one problem is that it turns and twists out of your way. This is surely going to get you out of bed unless you can fall back asleep and still ignore it. The chances are that most people will want it to shut up, and the only way to do that is to catch it and hit snooze.

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SanDisk Cruzer Contour – 8GB Flash Drive

Sandisk Cruzer Contour
The Cruzer Contour from SanDisk is an 8GB USB Flash Drive which recently became available. The design of this flash drive is quite sleek. The design also features a unique slider USB connector which means that you do not ever loose the cap off the end. As can be expected it works at USB 2.0 speeds allowing for quicker transfers. Also another cool feature is its ReadyBoost compatability which allows it to improve system performance on Windows Vista by acting as extra RAM if specified.

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Microsofts DigiDesk

Microsoft DigiDesk
Microsoft have some cool concept ideas if you dig deep in to their website. One of these has been found which is named the DigiDesk. It is a desk which is made of 2 screens which allow you to browse and flick through documents, movies and what ever else you want to display on it. The controls on the desk change according to what you are doing so that you get a very customised feel for the device. As the world changes more towards media and the computer you could start seeing more devices like this built in to regular desks.

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Palmsize Helicopter – RC Living Room Flyer

Palmsize RC Helicopter
Tiny RC helicopters are great fun to play with. The main one you are probably aware of is the Picoz which came out late last year. The palmsize helicopter looks to be slightly smaller then the Picoz and it capable of being fully controlled. The helicopter can be turned left or right as is slowly moves forwards. It can also take off right from the palm of your hand. This is a perfect toy for those like me who like toys in the office.

The helicopter comes in 2 colour which are red or silver and each has a different frequency which allows 2 helicopters to be flown together. Luckily the helicopter is light enough not to actually break when it crashes.

The remote control is infrared, so you need to be in line of sight to use it although you would be stupid attempting to fly a helicopter you couldnt see. Attached on the front is a Multi colour LED for night flying. The helicopter is supposed to be flown indoors but can fly outside if there is ZERO wind. I did try an indoor helicopter once outside and smashed it with in seconds because of ignoring a zero wind rule 🙂 For 15 mintues of charging you can get around 7 minutes of flying time… so maybe you need to purchase 3 to keep one in the air constantly.

Via: ThinkGeek

Altec Lansing T515 Bluetooth Speakers

Altec Lansing T515
Bluetooth has become a very handy feature to have on mobile phones. It allows you to connect to other bluetooth devices such as other mobile phones, bluetooth headsets, PCs and other devices that are located with in 100 meters or so of you. It is fairly quick to use, has some nice transfer rates and cuts out the old wires that we do not like to see anymore.

The Altec Lansing T515 speakers above are also bluetooth and they allow you to connect any bluetooth device that supports the audio profile. This allows you to play music from your mobile, wirelessly to your speakers. This is a cool idea in my opinion and very handy to have around. If you feel the need to listen to some music then just connect the phone, and hit play. No more getting out of your seat to switch on the stereo.

The speakers measure 7.5 x 3 x 2.4 inches which makes them fairly small and portable enough. As well as being able to play music, it can also act as a hands free kit for your mobile phone.

Via: ChipChick

USB Heated Gloves

USB Warming Gloves
If you ar like me, then your hands often get freezing while working on a computer this time of the year. Along comes USB Heating gloves. This is one of the more useful USB devices I have seen in a while and is an excellent idea. To get it to work, you put them on your hands and then plug them in to an available USB port. Around 5 minutes later your hands will start to feel the warmth and productivity at that point begins to increase as you can now type again. If you are far away from the base unit of your PC then then each glove has a 46 inch cable attached providing enough room to move your hands and not feel fastened to the desk.

Geardiary got their hands on a pair of these gloves and did a full review.

Via: GearDiary

Veda Series Laptop – 20 Inch Screen

For those who miss having the large screen that a desktop offers while you travel on the road, the Veda Series laptop from Malibal could be for you. It features a massive 20.1 inch 1680 x 1050 WSXGA LCD Active Matrix Display, two hard drive bays with the option of RAID 0/1. The processor is an AMD core-duo chip and the graphics are displayed with the NVidia SLI chip set. Running the SLI GPU it allows 2x the performance due to it having multiple GPUs. This allows for CAD, 3DS MAX and other software to run easily.

The dual-core processor is a Turion 64 which allows for true multi-tasking and multi-threading allowing for a smoother experience. Other powerful features of this notebook is the RAM capacity which allows for up to 4GB of DDR2 memory, TV tuner with remote control, integrated 802.11G wifi and bluetooth and a 7 in 1 card reader.

Unfortunately I cannot find mention of battery power, but having all these features does make you wonder if it could be a decent amount of time per charge.

Via: PRWeb

Belkin Flip – Share your Monitor

Belkin Flip
Belkin has launched the Flip which allows easier access to sharing a monitor. The device sits on your desktop and has a remote control. When you push the button you instantly flip your monitor from one PC to another. As well as sharing the monitor you also share your keyboard, mouse and speakers. This is ideal for those who have 2 computers set up but space for only 1 monitor on the desk.

The device features a 2 colour LED which shows the status of the flip and which computer it is currently displaying. Prices for the device run from $49 – $79 depending on if you go for the wireless remote version.
Flip Diagram

Via: PopGadget

Keyboard Wallet

Keyboard Wallet
This is one of the most uniqe home made wallets I have seen. It is built from the insides of a computer keyboard and has been folded together to make one kind of cool looking wallet.

To make one of these yourself you will need the following items…
A desktop computer keyboard (for the circuit sheet and a metal piece as a straight edge)
A screwdriver to open the keyboard
A ruler or tape measure
A cutting board or cutting mat
A razor knife
Sharp scissors
A roll of clear packing tape

Via: Fosfor

Doh – I pulled the wrong plug

Plug Labels
You are probably familier with the problem of climbing under your desk when needing to pull out a plug. When you are under the desk you realise that the untouched nice neat cables are no longer neat and tidy, and you have no clue what to unplug. These labels are a simple idea which allow you to mark up each plug as you connect it to the power strip. With these simple, but effective stickers you are now able to unplug your printer rather then pulling out the plug for the PC.

Available for just $6 they are a bargain.

Via: UberReview

Talking Hands Free Lips

Talking Hands Free Gadget
If you want to free up a hand while working at your desk then you need to grab one of these talking hands free gadgets. The device has a speaker, microphone, and a pair of silver lips which talk away in sync to the conversation.

The lips cost 17.95 pounds in the UK and are available from here.

HTC Kaiser

HTC Kaiser
The HTC Kaiser has finally appeared. It comes with an updated firmware which runs Windows Mobile 6 from Microsoft. It has a 3 mega pixel camera also. On the connectivity side it has HSPDA which allows for faster access for data. Also a GPS receiver is built in. The keyboard is also unique in that it slider out the other side of the device and also appears that the screen can flip upwards to allow typing on a desk. No other details are currently available.

Via: NewLaunches