Zune Docking Keyboard

Zune Docking Keyboard
Razer have created a keyboard with a Zune docking station built in. As well as being able to dock your Zune, you have 2 USB ports made available to help clear the clutter on your desk. As well as having all this the keyboard has functions which allow you to control the zune from media keys which is another handy tool. It looks like a nice keyboard being completly white and has potential if it hits the market.

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Mobile NoteTaker – The Digital Pen

Yesterday I had to have a quick medical check for insurance purposes. I noticed the nurse was writing as normal but kept tapping on a piece of plastic from time to time on her clipboard. When I asked what this was for she said that the pen was recording all writing, transmitting it to a device in her bag which automatically sent it to the company she represented so that they could immediately process my insurance application. A few seconds later a message was delivered to her blackberry saying that all was good. Of course I had to look in to this as I thought it was amazing that all her text and my signature was now somewhere else in the country (or world even) and yet she was still sitting in the same room as me and I had barely given her the pen back just 30 seconds before.

Having a quick search around I noticed a few different pens one of which is from a site called PegaTech. The Mobile NoteTaker is one example of a digital pen which can capture what you write on an actual sheet of paper. We all have to admit that writing is often easier then trying to get your pocket PC’s transcriber understand your text. The NoteTaker is a portable device which captures your handwriting. The process is very simple and does not require special paper. Just get the pen and write on to what ever and have it recorded on to a device that is small enough to easily fit in a bag or pocket. Once back in the office you can transfer the text to your PC to organise and share with others. The device has the ability to store 50 pages of text and confirmation of what you have is displayed on an LCD screen on the device.

This is an excellent device for someone who wants a digital copy of what they write, but still wants to write on regular paper. Of course the business user can also benefit from this device as I mentioned above.

The pen is available from PegaTech and costs $189 for the mobile version of this device.


Widgetstation is a stand alone device which it more advanced then other desk clocks and calendars you have seen before. It connects to your PC via wifi, ethernet or USB. Once connected to your PC the device can receive information and display it on one of it’s two screens. On the left is a mono LCD screen and on the right a colour LCD screen. Standard widgets included are able to display clocks, calendars, weather reports and anything you really want. What makes this possible is the ability to make custom widgets to use on the device, and it is also possible to display these widgets with other users. To download a new widget you need to use the widget engine which is provided as part of the service.
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Dell Concept Display

Dell Concept
Dell revealed at CES a new concept display. The concept display is encased in glass, is ultra thin, has built in speakers and a webcam built in. This is a great step forwards for Dell and if created could see its self being put on many desks around the world. For technical specs, the display is estimated to run at 1920 x 1200 pixels. The powersupply would not be built in and actually a seperate device that sits on the floor out of the way to save space on the display.

As we receive more details we will pass them on.

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Sony Ericsson MBW-100

MBW 100
Its not often you come across a watch with bluetooth and that is also capable of caller ID, showing text messages and control your phones music player. The Sony Ericsson MBW-100 does just that. It’s a bluetooth watch which communicates with your phone so that you can leave it in your pocket, or on your desk and as long as you are in range then you can see whats happening. I can only see the main benefit really being that caller ID would be handy if you use a bluetooth headset. I have to admit, that it’s a great looking watch though and I could get one because of it’s looks.
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Skype Video Phone

Skype Video Phone
VpIP is becoming more and more integrated with our day to day lives. I can access VoIP from my cell phone, I have a VoIP phone on my desk in the office and my home phone is also VoIP. Voice over IP has changed the way that calls can be made and has allowed us easier access to speak to those who are far away for next to nothing and in some cases for free. We can carry our home phone around anywhere in the world and as long as you can find an internet connection then people can keep in touch with you as though you are next door to them.

As VoIP becomes more popular, more and more research is done to make those internet calls more reliable, clearer to give you the best experience. Why would they do this though? Well… if they didnt then we would all stick to our regular and reliable land line phones and never progress.

Skype is now offering a video phone. The compression technology and higher bandwidth availabilities can now allow us to communicate more clearly with video. 3J communications have put both Skype and video calls in to the Skype Video Phone. The video phone allows for a frame rate of 30fps running at 320 x 240 pixels. The phone has the camera built in so that a web cam is not needed as an extra feature. Any call that senses the camera will trigger it automatically. I seriously hope that this is an option and not an item that you cannot switch off 🙂

With it being a Skype certified phone it allows for the basics like your contact list, SkypeOut, echo cancellation for handsfree (and camera) operation. The conversation is full duplex which stops the annoying breaks in conversation when another noise in the background is heard.

The Skype video phone is packaged at just 56.88 dollars and can be used with Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger.

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If you are bored one day and decide it’s time to anoy someone then go pick up an Annoy-A-Tron. It’s a small circuit board with a battery on it and it’s designed to make your friends or office workers get annoyed. The circuit board can be planted anywhere with it being very small in size. An example would be under a desk. It then emmits a noise from 2KHz to 12KHz from time to time which could really drive the boss up the wall.

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Zune is Almost Here

Brown Zune
The Zune is almost here. Microsoft are releasing it on the 14th November in the US. The latest version is brown in colour and by looking at the picture it is kind of growing as GearDiary mentioned. The Zune crams in 30Gb, Zune to Zune music sharing via Wifi, a bright 3″ LCD screen.

Zune Stats
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Rimax Mystic is Very Mystic

MP3 players are coming out all the time. I like some, dislike most because they usually do not add much to whats out now. Every now and again something extra is thrown in and makes you like it. The Rimax Mystic is one of these exceptions.

Rimax Mystic

So what makes the Rimax Mystic so Mystic? Well, it doubles up as a VoIP phone. Connect it to your PC via USB and you have in your hand a very nice looking VoIP phone that is compatible with skype. The Mystic is an ultra slim player that compliments your desk very nicely with it’s features that double it up as a phone.

All we need now is Bluetooth on it and then it can be used with out the old wires 😉 Still, a very promising product.

Prices in the UK range from 56 pounds to 90 for the 512Mb version or the 2Gb version.

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The Linutop is a no frills way of surfing the internet with out having to spend money on a fully equipt PC. It’s a small desktop device which has enough resources to get you online but not enough to do too much. It does not have a built in hard drive and is powered by an AMD Geode Processor and have 512Mb ROM and 256Mb RAM.


It’s main function is to browse the internet and is ideal for schools, librarys and other places where only an internet connection is needed. The Linutop is… Small, Simple, Light, Silent, Efficient, Low-Cost deployment and service

– AMD Geode
– 512 Mb ROM
– 256 Mb RAM
– 4x USB 2.0 ports
– audio in & out
– 100baseT Ethernet
– VGA output
– Size: 9.3 x 2.7 x 15 cm
– Weight: 280 gr

– USB2 , Wifi connection, Flat pannel,

– AbiWord Word Processor
– Evince PDF reader
– Firefox Web browser
– Gaim instant messenger
– Totem media player

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Virtual Ants “Ant’s Life Studio”

This interesting idea takes the mixture of an ant farm and digital to make the Virtual Ants. This desktop device is designed to sit in your office so that through stressed times you can watch these little digital ants built their nests and feed their queen.
Virtual Ants

Not much more is given except for an image link on the BBC News website.

Phone Sensor

This LED phone sensor has been introduced to give a visual alarm of incomming calls to a mobile phone. It’s not the greatest of ideas in my opinion and would look better just sitting on your desk iluminated at all times. It is available for $20 and more details can be found below.


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