Palmsize Helicopter – RC Living Room Flyer

Palmsize RC Helicopter
Tiny RC helicopters are great fun to play with. The main one you are probably aware of is the Picoz which came out late last year. The palmsize helicopter looks to be slightly smaller then the Picoz and it capable of being fully controlled. The helicopter can be turned left or right as is slowly moves forwards. It can also take off right from the palm of your hand. This is a perfect toy for those like me who like toys in the office.

The helicopter comes in 2 colour which are red or silver and each has a different frequency which allows 2 helicopters to be flown together. Luckily the helicopter is light enough not to actually break when it crashes.

The remote control is infrared, so you need to be in line of sight to use it although you would be stupid attempting to fly a helicopter you couldnt see. Attached on the front is a Multi colour LED for night flying. The helicopter is supposed to be flown indoors but can fly outside if there is ZERO wind. I did try an indoor helicopter once outside and smashed it with in seconds because of ignoring a zero wind rule 🙂 For 15 mintues of charging you can get around 7 minutes of flying time… so maybe you need to purchase 3 to keep one in the air constantly.

Via: ThinkGeek


  1. This palm sized helicopter is super cool ..

  2. I like it too. RC Helicopters are dead cool!

  3. como es el mecanismo de un helicoptero

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