Veltia Hand Dryer

Just 15 seconds using this and your hands will be completely dry. It uses high speed air micro streams drawn from the atmosphere which evaporates the water from your hands. It only needs 617mm x 300mm x 195mm to squeeze in somewhere. It also uses cold air which in turn, protects the environment.

Via: UberGizmo

Desktop Catapult

Desk Catapult
All of you have probably been through a phase of flicking elastic bands at others in the office as well as chucking paper planes also. If you fall in to that category then a metal desktop catapult would be perfect for you. It measures 5 x 4 x 5.5 inches and is built of metal except for the small rope that is included. To use it you lock it down in to place, load it up, aim and fire. The cool thing about it is that it looks like just a random desk object that most probably wont even realise it actually works.

Defend your desk in style with this catapult. It will cost you $34.99 from ThinkGeek.

Cool Office Slide

Office Slide
This is a picture of a cool office slide at a company I believe is called Infosys. It sure does beat using the lift or stairs. 2 more pictures after the jump.

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Fruit Stack

Fruit Stack
If you get fed up of apples being bruised when on your desk then a fruit stack should sort it out. You are able to stack up about 5 apples for safe keeping which prevents them from smacking in to each other like when in a bowl. I am not too convinced it will prevent bruises, but it is a different way of storing fruit I guess. According to Chiasso it allows the fruit to breath better too.

The Fruit Stack costs $28 and is available from Chiasso.

Via: PCNews

Phone that Literally Hangs Up

Hangup Phone
This concept phone is designed to be hung up on your door handle like you would with a do not disturb card in a hotel room. When it is hung on the door handle the weight of the phone pulls down on the handle and it starts the phone charging. Also sitting it on a desk will charge the phone too.

Yankodesign suggests a conference call could see them all linked together like a barrel of monkeys. As this is just concept at the moment, I do not think we will see this type of phone be made available.

YankoDesign Via: Fosfor

Rocket Pen

Rocket Pen
The Rocket Pen will give you something cool to do if you are bored in the office. The rocket pen is a device which sits on your desk and has a button on it which when pressed, will launch your pen a few feet in the air. I do not see any practical use to this apart from being a good laugh for a few minutes a day or for times when you need a little stress relief. Although it looks like a rocket, it actually is a working pen. It has a soft nose and rubber sides to prevent it getting damaged or damaging things, but I do recommend you do not aim it at anyone or anything.

Via: PCNews

Foot Mouse

footmouse and keys
This mouse and key set can be controlled by your feet. It allows hands free operation of the mouse cursor and can speed up production time in the office. Included in the set is a foot slipper type device in which you put your foot, and on the other side you have several programmable keys which can perform various tasks.

I am unsure at the moment where this mouse is available from as the source did not mention it. However, it was still worth mentioning on gadgetvenue.

Mini Bender

mini bender
Bender is a charachter from Futurama and now he has been created as a 3 inch tall metal (nickel plated at that) toy which can turn his head around 360 degrees. Unfortunately no insults are included when you buy this mini bender. But, it will still make any office desk a tad cooler. Mini Bender is available from ThinkGeek and costs $9.99.

LampLamp – Light Bulb with 2 Screw Threads

The LampLamp is a weird idea which takes a regular lightbulb shape, but adds an extra screwthread on to the bulb part which is where the power is drawn from. When hanging from the ceiling it looks like the bulb is not actually plugged in. Although weird, it is kind of a cool idea. It will set you back $28 per lamp for one of these which is a tad steep. But if you like to be different then this is for you. The bulb is powered at 30 watts which isnt too bright, but good for a desk lamp or a low lit room.

Product Page

USB Cooler for your Seat

usb butt cooler
The USB butt cooler is another one of those crazy USB gadgets which comes from the other side of the world. It is basically a USB cushion that you put on your chair which blows cool air upwards keeping you cool in the office through the summer.

Via: FunniestGadgets

Carpet Skates – Slide around the Office


Low Friction Skates that work on Carpet

Sliding around a smooth floor can be quite cool when you just have your socks on. However, when you get to carpet it just doesnt work. The Carpet Skates from ThinkGeek are set to tackle this problem. The pair of skates strap around your shoes and in under a minute you can be skating around the office at high speed. Ridges are built in to the front under your toes to allow you to have some friction while gaining speed for the ultimate slides. Carpet skates can accommodate shoe sizes up to 14 US mens and work on various carpets. For a video demonstration follow the jump below.

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Levitating Spinning Globe

Levitating Spinning Globe

Hovering Globe that spins

This globe is a shiny black and chrome device which floats above its stand. It measures 4 inches across and I guess its main purpose is to just fill another gap on your desk so you can play another game when you are bored at work. It comes with a fairly hefty price tag at $137 and plugs in to the mains.

Via: Gizmodo

Various versions can be found at Amazon.